Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back at the Blog--a re-cap of the year--

As some of my Facebook followers and email list friends already know, I have decided that it was time for the greenhouse/nursery business to come to an end.  Thirty eight years (38) is a long time to put plants in pots!  Please be assured that the love of herbs, flowers and all sorts of gardens has not come to an end--it's a new beginning!  A time that I can devote more to herbs, garden programs and presentations, and of course my family, farm and art!   Here are some photos of activities from the past year--Enjoy and stay tuned!

Caitlin enjoying a well-earned rest after a big weed job!
Visitors at the Alloway Garden Faire

"Across the Pond" entertains with Celtic music at Alloway-

Roger--at the Farmer's Market
Melanie--hard at work!

"Common-ground on the Hill"-McDaniel College comes to Alloway!

Corey at the end of a long day--

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